Dr. Batâr Sergiu Constantin

Medic Specialist Cardiologie

Specialitatate: Cardiologie

Adresa: Strada Izvorului 1A, Sibiu 550172

Telefon: 021.93 83

Email: office@clinicapolisano.ro

Programare online
Competențe: ecocardiografie transtoracică, ultrasonografie carotidiană.


  • Octomber 2012- Octomber 2016 - PhD Fellow at „Lucian Blaga” University, Faculty of Medicine, Sibiu, working on the project „Comparative study of antiarrhythmic effects of different antianginal treatments, in patients with coronary artery disease”. Public dissertation of the thesis in 2019.
  • 2014- 2015 Fellow of the project IDSRC DOC POSTDOC 2014 “Innovation and development in structuring and representing knowledge through doctoral and postdoctoral fellowships (IDSRC – doc postdoc)” in the research group Current Perspectives on Sustainable Development. The project was conducted by the Romanian Academy.
  • 2005-2011 Faculty of Medicine of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj Romania. Obtained medical doctor degree with the paper:„ Analysis of cumulative effects on oxidative stress of PPAR-gamma receptor agonists with antihypertensives”(fundametal research)
  • 2007-2011- Various fundametal research activities in the Physiology Laboratory of the Univeristy of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj. Also clinical research activities within the Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic at Cluj Heart Institute.
  • 2013- Now Active member of the European Society of Cardiology and Romanian Society of Cardiology, especially in the Cardiologists of Tomorrow national groups
  • 2013-2015 Member of the organizing committee of Sibiu Heart House, an institution sponsored by the Romanian Heart Foundation and Romanian Society of Cardiology, where several conferences and public centered programs were held.
  • 2012 Field investigator in the study SEPHAR II
  • 2014 Basic and advanced life support courses
  • 2012-2013 Pacemaker lead implant (simulator workshop Medtronic Academia 2012; ECG for arrhythmologists in practice 2013- Medtronic Academia


January 2012 - January 2017: Cardiology specialist trainee at County Academic Emergency Hospital Sibiu-Romania. Cardiology Specialist Certification obtained in Octomber 2016;
July 2014 Clinical Attachment Royal Liverpool University Hospital (RLBUH NHS Trust)- Supervizor Dr. Adrian Chenzbraun (Consultant- Cardiology)
August 2015- February 2017 On-call and ward activities as Cardiology Registrar at County Emergency Hospital in Cardiology, CCU and Emergency wards. Various activities in the cathlab.
March 2016-June 2018 - On-call and ward activities as Cardiology Registrar at Polisano European Clinic (private sector) on Cardiology, Cardiovascular surgery and Post-op Intensive-Care wards. Gained experience with pre-op and post-op pediatric patients, complex aortic minim-invasive procedures, various valve replacements and critical care advanced techniques.
Sepember 2014-January 2017- Teaching activities (part-time) as Assistant Lecturer to 4th Year Medical students at Lucian Blaga Univ. Sibiu (2 Semesters - Cardiology Modules, as part of Internal Medicine curricula)
July 2018- Now - Cardiologist Polisano Clinics
Organisational / managerial skills

Organised/ being in teams that organise several conferences/ education programs (Cardiology Summer School, different symposiums at Sibiu Heart House, different congresses within the Romanian Society of Cardiology). Representative of the regional group of Cardiologists of Tomorrow (2013-2015)

Job-related skills

Ability to transfer the theoretical knowledge to bedside patient activity, and vice-versa, to reflect the practical issues in the current clinical trials and knowledge that are used for establishing guidelines.
The fundamental research is conducted by bedside practice. Ability to cope with stress and fatigue in difficult shifts.


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Presentations, Projects and Conferences

  1. The role of the academia in the sustainable development of health systems. International Conference „Humanities and social sciences today” Iasi 7-10 May 2015
  2. New prevention and patient compliance strategies in cardiovascular diseases. From the active implication of the community to the adaptation of institutions to current issues. International Conference „Young researchers in the social sciences” Timisoara 21-22 May 2015
  3. Sibiu Medical Days Conference 2015- presentation: Thrombolysis in STEMI. Efficiency and safety concerns
  4. 2012 Active field participant as resident in the study SEPHAR II- Romanian Journal of Cardiology . Dorobantu M. et al, 2012 (22), 4; 285-292. Appendix 1.
  5. Proceedings of the 1st international conference for doctoral students IPC 2013 Strategies in fundamental research for understanding and treating arrhythmias. Batar S, Cioca G, Manitiu M.
  6. Proceedings of the 1st international conference for doctoral students IPC 2013 Applied imagistics of ischaemic heart. A survey from the epidemiology of stable angina in order to better prevent sudden cardiac death.
  7. S. Batar, Manitiu I. Anatomo-imagistic correlations for understanding arrhythmias. . National congress of Sibiu Medical Days- published as abstract. 2013
  8. 2008 Active participant at “Juvenes pro Medicina” Conference of students and junior doctors, Medical University of Lodz, Poland, as author of the paper: “Post-interventional effects of magnesium on restenosis in diabetic and non-diabetic patients”
  9. 2014-Left coronary artery anomaly: originating from pulmonary trunk. Authors: Prof Dr Manitiu I, Dr Baltat Georgiana, Dr Cojan R, Dr Bitea I, , Dr Batar S, Dr Nistor A, Dr. Ayman E., Dr. Motoc Oana.Case presentation at Working groups in cardiology National Conference (with international participation) 2014
  10. Intracardiac tumor with atrio-ventricular localisation.Authors: Prof Dr Manitiu I, Dr Batar S, Dr Cojan R, , Dr Batar Florina, Dr Bebeselea Andra, Dr. Falamas D. Case presentation at Working groups in cardiology National Conference (with international participation) 2014
  11. 2014. Rare disease days- Heart house Sibiu. Presentation “ Arrhythmias with genetic substrate”
  12. 2014 Pulmonary Hypertension Secondary to Left Heart Disease Conference .Presentation. General aspects. : Clasifications and clinical significance (international participation)
  13. Member of the organising committee at several conferences (National Conference of the Working Groups in Cardiology 2014; Imagistics in Valvular Diseases 2013; Management of patients with congenital cardiomyopathies 2013, Pulmonary Hypertension 2014, Cardiac Diseases in Women 2014)